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“Pookies is Foghorn Leghorn from space!” February 17, 2009

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Yesterday was a holiday in Ontario, so I didn’t have to go to work. What did I do with my free time? You know I’m going to tell you. I spent about 500g enchanting, re-enchanting, and regemming all of my balance gear.

The last time I used my balance gear I had to stick straight-up hit gems in every gem slot (i.e., my meta wasn’t even activated), and I still wasn’t anywhere near the hit cap. A couple of heroic Naxx runs later, and there I was sitting at around 13% yesterday with all of my available hit pieces equipped.

Feeling overwhelmed, I went crying to my guild’s resident warlock (funny how we had five in TBC and we only have one or two now) and he gave me a hand. Since I had enough hit pieces to reach my hit caps without gemming for hit (9% and 10% for alliance moonkin, by the way), he told me to build my sets around those pieces and get rid of all of my hit gems. Since my 4-T7 bonus is awesome, I knew I wanted to keep that. A couple of hours later, I was good to go. I was even reglyphed. And EoTS made its foray into two healing EOE and OS.

Malygos was a bitch because of all of the Vortex-related downtime and the off-healing I did during Vortex really fucked my mana pool. What was awesome though? 26k Starfire crits. Zoh. Mai. Gawd.

In OS we didn’t end up getting 2D (our tank kept on getting gibbed after Vesp landed), but when we scaled back to 1D at the end of the night I was able to sustain 3k DPS throughout the fight. Not too shabby, but much room for improvement…

I may get to stay moonkin for some of this week depending on who we have show up to heal.


One Response to ““Pookies is Foghorn Leghorn from space!””

  1. Averna Says:

    Hai from a fellow druid over on Bonechewer ^^

    Ascended has been trying 3 drakes for a while, and last night we ended up moving down to 2. After probably more than 15 wipes total, we got OS +2drakes down =D Next week we’ll probably try 3 again, but I don’t know how we’ll fair. There’s just SO much stuff going on, it’s hard for all 25 people to keep track of themselves.

    PS – I just rediscovered your blog… and I’m adding you to my blogroll =)

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