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Keeping the Keepers subdued June 18, 2009

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Last night we went into Ulduar with the goal of hitting up Thorim hard mode for a second time, and then working on Hodir’s hard mode until we got the achievement. The plan was to move on to Freya+2 if time remained. We knew we had our work cut out for us as we were running two DPS who had never seen the fights before.

Thorim went relatively smoothly. What we did this week was scale back to two healers. Now, I crunched the numbers after our first kill and figured out that if each of our DPS could pull 4k (in phase 3), adding a sixth DPS over bringing a third healer would decrease phase 3’s length by over 25 seconds. Looking at the phase 3 parses for last week and this week, that didn’t exactly happen due to deaths and some sub-optimal DPS. The fight did end up being shorter by about 17 seconds (this depends on how I “cut” the chart so it isn’t exact) and our healers did comment that the fight was a lot easier to heal.

We moved on to Hodir and emphasized a couple of things:

  • At the beginning, ranged break out the mage and shaman (I used /tar Elem and /tar Missy to mark them) and the melee break out the druid on their way to Hodir. From that point onward, the mage and then the shaman would be broken out after Flash Freezes (and the mage would unfreeze the other two).
  • We followed the TankSpot hard mode strategy (I would link the video but I can’t go to YouTube at work, heh). This strategy involves initially pulling Thorim to a back corner of his chamber in an attempt to make the NPCs move closer together. This centralization makes it easier for Missy Flamecuffs to free the other NPCs, as well as increases the chances of the NPCs being on the snow drifts for Flash Freeze since the entire fight is more concentrated in one area.
  • We explained the importance of spreading Storm Power as the highest priority buff in the encounter for DPS. We also covered Singed.
  • Everyone had until the first Flash Freeze to establish their rotations and stack Singed on the boss. Heroism came immediately after the first Flash Freeze and was coordinated with pet summons (trees, wolves), Hysteria donation, and a plethora of other cooldowns (potions, for instance).

In the end we were able to pull almost 42 000 raid DPS on our sixth try. This is just enough to make the 3 minute timer. WOL says that the fight actually took us 3:05, but we got the achievement. Our paladin, Sareph, is very happy with his new iLvl 232 tanking mace, Shiver.

Freya+2 was next (we killed Stonebark). Again, we typically did this fight with three healers, but this week we did it with two. The increase in raid DPS helped us take the adds down on a slightly looser time schedule than with five DPS. We actually spent far less time working on Freya+2 than we did with Freya+1 (probably owing to the extra DPS) and got her down in just three tries. Our execution was almost perfect. I think our only death was our poor shadow priest Getnmahbelly, who got gibbed by an unfortunate Strengthened Iron Roots + Unbalanced Sunbeam combo. Our thoughts, prayers, and battle rez went to him.

We still have two raid nights this week, but I highly doubt that Mimiron hard mode is really in the books. We may plow ahead to Yogg-Saron and then work on Steelbreaker this week, which I think is a far more realistic goal. In the mean time, Vezax hard warrants some research as I believe he is next after Freya+3.


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