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Sarth “3D” June 19, 2009

Filed under: Raiding — Pookies @ 8:19

Last night we decided to take a short break from our regularly scheduled Ulduar romp and went to try and cheese Sarth 3D. Now, this strategy typically relies on heavy raid stacking in order to burn Sarth down before Shadron lands. Most strats say, “Use all melee.” We did not. Our build:

  • pally main tank
  • shaman healer
  • physical DPS: shaman, paladin, rogue, hunter
  • caster DPS: 2x lock, priest, druid

Not ideal at all. We did a bit of experimentation with when we used Heroism and asking our shadow priest to go discipline for Power Infusion and Pain Suppression.

We found that Heroism used immediately following the first wave gave us the most bang for our buck because burning through the lower part of Sarth’s health was more important than burning through his health when he was almost at full health. After the first wave we would typically be under 70% health.

Although we had more longevity when our shadow priest respecced to discipline because of the extra heals and Pain Suppression, we found that we didn’t have the DPS we needed even with Power Infusion. Shadron would join the fight, and Sartharion would go immune to all damage.

In the end we found that with our mixed group and the DPS we were pulling, a kill would hinge completely on a bit of RNG love in the form of ranged not having to move for lava (especially our healer for the second lava wave).

We got the kill. Congratulations to Monedra on winning the Reins of the Black Drake. Here is a parse from the fight. Our ret paladin’s DPS is so low because he was using a HoS+DS combo towards the end of the fight.


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