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Here we go again with the fires June 21, 2009

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Some of you longer-time readers may remember Phaelia’s slightly distressed post last year decrying some of us resto druids for participating in the Midsummer Fire Festival. She may be happy to know that, due to an oversight, we are unable to honour or desecrate any fires we honoured or desecrated last year. At least, for the time being. Expect this to be fixed so that people who honoured and desecrated fires last year and didn’t spend their blossoms on the Midsummer Garb are actually able get the Burning Hot Pole Dance achievement. Refer to this thread for updates.

If the Blizzard gods decide to let us re-honour and re-desecrate the fires from last year (or if you just haven’t done it yet), check out this guide for visiting all of the Azeroth fires (for Alliance only–sorry folks). Meanwhile, locations for Northrend fires are now available on WoWWiki and should give us something to do.


One Response to “Here we go again with the fires”

  1. Tryyss Says:

    It’s the same thing for horde except backwards. a tiny bit of logic allowed me to follow the same guide on my Pally. not as efficient as a horde specific guide, but it cut down on the flying to random places that didn’t have fires.

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