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We have what it takes June 23, 2009

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Last night I had one goal for our raid: Steelbreaker. We had General Vag, Yoggsies, and AOI left up, so we had some hustling to do.

We did some attempts on Vag’s hard mode and identified some of our weaknesses. Everything goes relatively well until we get to the Animus. Then healing on the tank gets a little hairy. Using our healing-in-shifts strategy, only two healers have mana at this point in the game, and only one of them should be using it. We didn’t get the Animus down even once last night, although we got very close on one attempt before killing Vag on normal mode to move on.

We had to teach one of our melee DPS the Yogg-Saron fight, but by his third time in the portals he was a tentacle pro and we got Yogg down.

Steelbreaker actually only took us a couple of tries. A paladin tanking Steelbreaker meant he could Cleanse all of his own Fusion Punch debuffs. Our priest insisted that he could Dispel and heal without a problem, but since our paladin’s threat was not an issue it made sense to give our priest the GCDs.

Our kill order was Molgeim -> Brundir -> Steelbreaker.

During Molgeim we had our enhancement shaman (our only reliable interrupt) watching Brundir full time to interrupt as much Chain Lightning as possible and call out Overcharge (which our DBMs were not catching for some reason).

Brundir was a straight burn with an emphasis on interrupts by our enhancement shaman and DK tank. Overcharge was still an issue for melee, but by this point ranged had no reason to step into range and did not have to move.

By the time we got to Steelbreaker we asked everyone to stack up as tight as possible (for AOE heals) and DPS the shit out of Steelbreaker. Heroism was popped right away (I believe I summoned my trees in time …). We did not have a heal block, but this was not an issue in the least. DPS was more than enough to bring Steelbreaker under 35% before the first tank kicked the bucket, and from that point it was a matter of managing the second tank’s health until Steelbreaker died.

We worked less on Steelbreaker than we did on Molgeim. Our experience here pretty much confirms that Molgeim is more dependent on raid coordination and composition (EoTS did it without a mage FYI), whereas Steelbreaker is a DPS race that seems to be tuned so that even guilds who are rockin’ the 213/219 can complete it.

Full parse here. Steelbreaker only here.


  • prot paladin (Steelbreaker)
  • blood DK (Molgeim + Brundir)
  • holy priest (Steelbreaker tank), resto shaman (Molgeim/Brundir tank)
  • survival hunter, ret paladin, enhancement shaman
  • balance druid, shadow priest, destro lock

5 Responses to “We have what it takes”

  1. Averna Says:

    Congrats! Our 10 man team has been working on this for a while now – hopefully next Thursday we’ll get it down =D

  2. Averna Says:

    Oh – also: Added you to my blogroll. I thought I had you on there and for some reason you weren’t! =O So back on it you go ^^

  3. Averna Says:

    No, haven’t tried Molgeim – we’re trying to get the rusted proto-drake (we have a LOT of work to do – I think we only have about 4 of the achievements necessary for it), so we’re working on Steely at the moment. I bet killing Molgeim last isn’t a piece of cake, either….

    • Pookies Says:

      We’re going for our Rusties too, so we did Molgeim (I wasn’t there for the kill so I don’t have the achievement) because we thought it was the step between Steelbreaker and Brundir. Boy were we wrong. Steelbreaker was much easier for us with our DPS, and I think he will be for you guys too since you guys have some heroic Ulduar gear.

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