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Ho hum … July 23, 2009

Filed under: Raiding — Pookies @ 8:41

All boring on the raiding front. We have been running into summeritis, of course. We’ve had a couple of canceled raids and a couple of nights spent doing PVP or T7 raid achievements that we missed.
We’re trying to clean up some of the easier GotUR meta achievements, so we’ve gotten Stokin’ the Furnace (parse here!) and Crazy Cat Lady (I wasn’t running WOL, oops) in the past two weeks.
For Crazy Cat Lady our two healers said they had a very challenging time, but we they did manage to help us one-shot it. We’ve read about a lot of convoluted strategies that involve tanking the Sanctum Sentries off to the sides while the raid stands in the middle, or tanking the Sanctum Sentries out of LOS, etc. What we did was simply pull Auriaya as normal while stacking behind the post and then burn her down while ignoring all of the cats. The only AOE that was allowed was tank AOE for threat gen. I actually don’t think I saw any Savage Pounces go off, although I may have missed it if it did happen.
Due to attendance we have having a lot of trouble replicating our FL+4 kill in 10-man. Hard modes for XT, Hodir, Thorim, and AOI are all on farm. Due to attendance (again) we haven’t been able to work on Vezax in a while, so I’m worried about any progress lost there. We’ll see what happens with this raid week as it draws to a close next Monday.


2 Responses to “Ho hum …”

  1. Averna Says:

    Good luck with the FL + 4. Our ten man achievement run group has been trying that for a while… man is it tough. We can do 3 towers no problem, but once you add in those flowers…. ./shudder

  2. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Av. Everyone definitely has to pull off a flawless performance for FL+4. That, and you also have to wait for RNG to line up. akrglakrgkalga23.a,3f.,.

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