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I love the smell of nerfed Vezax August 28, 2009

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We almost one-shot the hard mode last night. Granted, we had quite a bit of practice with this hard mode trying to down it pre-3.2. But it is clear that this hard mode has been trivialized. There is now a lot of room for error. We even had a Searing Flames go off AFTER the Animus was dead, and we still killed the boss.
Afterwards, I realized that I didn’t have my combat logger enabled. Well, fuck me.
We decided to try first with a two healer comp healing in shifts down to 50% mana and then together for Animus and beyond:

  • MT: prot paladin;
  • healers: holy priest (yes, holy), resto shaman;
  • melee DPS: blood DK, ret paladin x 2;
  • ranged DPS 1 (Vezax right): destro lock, affliction lock;
  • ranged DPS 2 (Vezax left): SV hunter, balance druid.

We decided to use two ranged groups to control the amount of healing done by MotF (since we didn’t have a heal block effect). It ended up working just fine. We got Vezax down to about 1 million HP before the Animus spawned.
After Vezax was downed (grats to Kristos on Aesuga–he will be mine as well, someday!), we were going to give Yogg-3 a taste when we ran into The Great Comcast Kerfuffle. That killed our raid and we split up for the rest of the night.
Hopefully we’ll see some Freya+3 and hard Mimi action next week


Where is Pookies?! August 26, 2009

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Whoa! Yes, I have been MIA for a month. A couple of things have happened.
First of all, Trusty Rusty (my laptop from when I was still in school) finally freaked out and shut down–may he rest in piece. I am now using a computer my dad built sometime last year that has more up-to-date specs and (for some odd reason) an NVIDIA Geforce video card. I don’t ask questions. For the first time ever I have seen Dalaran while flying over Crusader’s Pinnacle. For the first time ever I have seen the Crystalsong Forest floor immediately after leaving Krasus’ Landing to search for Crystalsong Carrots. For the first time ever I have been able to see past the first set of pillar towers in Ulduar from Expedition Base Camp. I could go on, but I think you get the picture: my old computer was a real piece of shit.
So on top of my computer completely crapping out, I was also on vacation for most of August. I was gone for two weeks trying to help my mom settle into her new apartment in Hong Kong. While I was there we took a side trip to Beijing, which was a blast (as I had never been).

Ta-da! Here we’ve got my mom and I standing in front of a section of the Great Wall of China that we later climbed up.

But now I am here, back at the office. I resumed my officer duties on Monday when I got my first taste of the new 5-man TotC dungeon, and last night I was introduced to the first three bosses of the 10-man TotC raid before we killed Salt ‘n’ Pepa for the first time (and nabbed that achievement somewhat inadvertently and with only 9 raiders, TYVM).
It’s good to be back. We are still focusing the rest of our raid week on clearing Ulduar after all of the bosses in 10-man TotC have been downed, so hopefully we’ll have some new hard modes down soon. Especially since I read in Averna’s comments that they nerfed Freya in 3.2 …