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Knock Knock Knockin’ on Mimiron’s door September 4, 2009

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After clearing 10N ToC and wiping to 10H Northrend Beasts all night Tuesday, we spent Wednesday clearing straight to Auriaya and then wiping to Freya+3. We kept getting behind on add waves and only reached P2 once and with the remnants of two add waves still up. But we did get a lot of practice in.
Last night (Thursday), we went into Ulduar and one-shotted Freya+3 (getting the Con-speed-atory achievement at the same time). We had some more burst DPS and a shit ton of practice under our belts (two full nights of wiping, one pre-nerf and one post-nerf). We used our usual 1 tank/3 healer/6 DPS strategy:

  • tank: prot paladin;
  • healers: holy priest, shaman, druid;
  • melee: rogue (Ancient Water Spirit), retadin x2 (Stormlasher);
  • ranged: SV hunter (Snaplasher), destro lock (Gift/Snaplasher), shadow priest (Gift/Snaplasher)

When the fight ended, I could feel my entire body shaking with excitement. We got the wand—grats goes to our shadow priest Getnmahbelly for winning it.
Parse for Freya+3 here.
After Freya+3 we went on to one-shot Thorim and Hodir (Belly got his Icecore Staff too!).
Then we tried Firefighter (Mimi hard) for the first time. We ended up trying 12 times, and actually made it to P4 once (albeit not with enough time or manpower to finish the fight!) There’s a lot I could say about this fight (we learned a lot last night), but I’ll save it for another day.
It’s Friday and I am ready for this weekend!


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