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Mimi inferno September 9, 2009

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All I have to say is, “Wow.”
Well, actually, that’s not all I have to say, so listen up.
Last night we reformed our Firefighter group (after spending all of Monday wiping). We were missing two people, and we filled their spots with two of our veteran raiders who haven’t really been around for much of Ulduar and had never even done Mimiron on normal before. One of these raiders was a feral druid who was our Bomb Bot soak in P3, and the other was a high output mage.
We went in there and we got Mimiron down on our fourth try. It was amazing. Of course, much credit goes to the bulk of the group who had already wiped for eight hours to Firefighter and had the basics down pat, but the ability of the two new raiders to follow directions in this rather complicated encounter was nothing short of amazing.

  • comp: 1 tank; 3 healers (disc. priest/shaman/druid); 3 melee; 3 ranged;
  • ranged maintain a healthy spread in P2 (instead of stacking, which we found to be unmanageable) and pray for good fire spawns;
  • double up cores in P3 (thanks to PlusHeal for this); and
  • treat it like Council v2—don’t stand in shit and don’t die (which I suppose goes without saying, really).

Grats to Monedra on his Fusion Blade
Mimiron parse.
After killing Mimi we had a couple of people in the raid who were ready to turn in their Sigils for the Algalon quest. We quickly killed AOI on normal mode (so we could get it ticked off for our Champ achievement—we’ve been doing it with Steelbreaker last which requires a tank death). Our resto shaman and hunter were able to turn in their quests, and we spent the last hour of the raid working on this amazing fight.

… but not before we killed Vezax and got some tries in on Yogg-3! Vezax’s second kill gave us a second Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion, which I picked up! Sexy, sexy, sexy:

Vezax parse.
And that’s it. Our resto shaman is on vacation for the next two weeks, so we may not be able to do Yogg-3. We’ll definitely give it a couple of tries to see if the extra DPS eliminates the need for a third healer in P2.


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