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I can’t make it count September 14, 2009

Filed under: Achievements,Raiding,WotLK Heroics — Pookies @ 12:58

I have failed to get this achievement the past two times I have tried. Make It Count and Experienced Drake Rider are the two achievements I am missing for the Glory of the Hero meta achievement after cleaning up five achievements yesterday. Make It Count always goes smoothly until Ley-Guardian Eregos. Then we wipe. Admittedly, one of those wipes was my fault as I hadn’t been in the instance for many, many months and stopped kiting a Phase Anomaly too soon. The second time we wiped because we were trying to stack the Amber Void achievement on top of Make It Count for one of our group members, and it bombed. Pro tip: don’t stack the Void achievements with Make It Count unless your group rocks the socks off of 5 Ambers.
Anyway, hopefully a group of guildies will be able to go into Oculus some time today or tomorrow in order to clean this up.
In raiding news, we did manage to down heroic Northrend Beasts last week with two healers. Then we got monsterly owned by Jaraxxus. That guy does not play nice. We have got the portal-killing down to an art, but the infernal wrangling definitely needs more cowbell.
We’re still waiting for a perfect group for Yogg-3, and in the mean time we may let our raid ID reset so we can farm some of the other bosses again. Yogg-3 is the last achievement that a lot of us need to get our Rusties so we are anxious to try it again … but not anxious enough to run in with a group that will guarantee that we /headdesk fruitlessly all night.
Pookies became a Bloodsail Admiral two weekends ago and has since been (half-heartedly) repairing his goblin rep. The fastest way to do this while maintaining Bloodsail rep is to grind non-Bloodsail pirates. I have been working the ones in Tanaris since it’s super-easy to get to Tanaris thanks to that CoT portal in Dalaran. The more efficient way to grind the rep back for those who are going for the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength is to do the repeatable quest in Dire Maul, since you have a chance to collect Librams at the same time. The trek from Moonglade to Dire Maul just isn’t worth it though, IMO!


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