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We made it count September 16, 2009

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To my one or two faithful readers (hi mom!), please “bear” with me as I continue to wrestle with this new layout. For some reason the style sheet that governs this entire page didn’t want to put actual font point-height line breaks in between paragraphs and each post ended up looking like a wall o’ text. WordPress ignores consecutive line breaks in your post codes, so that didn’t work. I spent a good half hour searching for options before finally narrowing down on a solution in a blog comment somewhere: stick a space between two line breaks. I really should have thought of that myself.
Anyway, that’s fixed. So I would like to direct your attention to …


Yay! Finally. Yesterday we went in with our super trash clearing group (DK tank, holy priest, shadow priest, fire mage, balance druid) and owned that place up. Death and Decay, two Mind Sears, Blizzard, and Hurricane helped us rip through every trash pack like a hot knife going through butter. I got the last two achievements I needed for GotH and finally got my Red Proto-Drake.
We did end up letting our Ulduar raid ID reset so we could clean up the first part of the instance for those who had missed it. We cleared ToC-10 and then razed a chunk of Ulduar:

Kologarn was Disarmed, Auriaya was the Crazy Cat Lady, and we did it all without Heroism (boooo!). Shaman-less guilds, I salute you. You are all freaks. I want Hebestia back.
This was only the second guild downing of Freya+3, and our first go at it with two healers. With the group we had we would not have made it damage-wise with three healers, and no one else in the raid was capable of healing at Uld-10 hard mode level anyway (at least, no one who wasn’t our MT). The encounter was stressful. The absence of our third healer for this was very noticeable. I used my Innervate at around 65% mana and then at every CD afterwards, popping my potion somewhat early. By the 5th or 6th add wave I was almost completely OOM (and Kristos was close). Luckily, we managed to scrape by. I can see now how the encounter is possible with two healers (mana-wise), but the raid definitely has to be better about spreading unnecessary damage. Some people in the group are still having trouble with killing Detonating Lashers when people are low on health and during and immediately after Tremors. I don’t know how many times Kristos and I had to comment on this in Vent. Unfortunately, it is very hard for us to notice who the guilty parties are because we are too busy paying attention to other things.
Our goal for this week is to reach Yogg-3 again, of course. On Monday we managed to make it to P3 a couple of times, so I am hopeful that Yogg-3 will go down this week with the right group and a bunch of us will get our Rusties.


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