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I Love the Smell: A Closer Look September 17, 2009

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When Hebestia told us he was going on vacation for a week or two, I thought, “Okay, cool, I’ll just heal while you’re gone.” Then I remembered what they did to poor druids (poor, overpowered druids) in the General Vezax fight in 3.2, and I thought, “… FUCK, I don’t know if I can to do this …”
While Hebs was away, I was partnered up with long-time healing pal and guild master Kristos, our holy priest. I turns out that I didn’t have anything to worry about.
Hard mode Vezax is a fight where a druid-priest combo can really shine. We strayed from our usual “healing in shifts” strategy and decided to jump in together. Communication was key. We planned to each keep a HoT up on the MT for the entire length of the fight (Renew for Kristos and Rejuv for myself), and then coordinate to fill in as necessary (during Surge of Darkness, for instance). Rejuv gives insane HPM with Idol of Awakening (which I equip for this fight) and Spark of Hope (which I always have equipped), a high HPS, and can be Swiftmended in a pinch. Because Kristos has the talent Empowered Renew and I run with the 4-T8 bonus for resto druids, we timed our casts to take advantage of the instant Renew and Rejuv ticks as much as possible.

Here you can see our HoT uptime for the fight. Due to some unlucky hits, Kristos healed up more damage than we usually encounter pre-Animus and ended up going OOM during the Animus phase and renewing Renews dropped off towards the end. Other than that, we have high Rejuv and Renew uptimes. As you can see, we precast OOC at the beginning of the fight to give us a bit of a cushion while we run (we regen before pulling). I then abandoned Regrowth until the end of the fight. The start of Regrowth uptime at the end of the fight coincides with the spawning of the Animus when the tank starts to take heavier damage consistently.
We tried to wait for Borzak’s health to dip to around 50% before we would hit him with nukes (exception: during Surge of Darkness). My go-to “nuke” was Swiftmend. If on cooldown, I used Nourish. I used Wild Growth a couple of times after the Animus spawned when it seemed like the Animus phase was dragging on a bit and we needed a booster, but other than that it was four spells for me. Check out the spell breakdown below, with amounts healed and overhealing percentages.

The overhealing percentages for Nourish and both of Kristos’ nukes are low (0 – 1.5%), which is a good showing. The overhealing on my Swiftmend is too high (almost 20%), which I attribute to getting a little nervous during some of the more sketchy healing moments of the fight. Our healing is graphed below. Spikes are approximately one minute apart and coincide with, you guessed it, Surges.

Even with Vezax’s sketchy healing crunches, I am really looking forward to seeing this guy again next week. It’s probably the one fight in Ulduar-10 that I would call, “A fun exercise in healing.” I wonder if Hebestia will go elemental and let me heal Vezax even after he gets back from vacation!
(A link to the actual World of Logs report for this Vezax kill here.)


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