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Strict 10-man is strict: GotUR September 17, 2009

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First off, a rant. GuildOx has recently implemented “strict” 10-man rankings for progression and achievement points to separate 10-man guilds from 25-man guilds who get 10-man achievements. This is a huge and awesome change. However, the requirements are rather stringent. Guilds are disqualified if any Ulduar-25 hard mode or ToC-25 (i.e., non-heroic) boss is killed by any ten of their members at any time or any five of their members simultaneously. People who join the guild have their achievements counted retroactively, so strict 10-man guilds must be careful with recruiting. Checking yesterday, EoTS was 3rd in progression in 10-man guilds on Bonechewer. Then the achievements updated and we were disqualified from strict 10-man progression because of our Beast-25 and Jaraxxus-25 kills.
I am disappointed. First of all, the first couple of bosses in ToC-25 are a joke as compared to even Ulduar-25 non-hard bosses. The item level of the gear that drops is also equal to gear that can be obtained in ToGC-10 and by using Emblems of Triumph. I don’t feel that having run a guild-organized PUG of ToC-25 should have disqualified us from the strict 10-man rankings on GuildOx, but that is GuildOx’s prerogative. I hope that GuildOx will reconsider its qualification criteria for strict 10-man in the future. In the mean time, EoTS has some other big issues to consider …



… do our Rusted Proto-Drakes make us look fat?
I’m getting ahead of myself.
Last night we went into Ulduar-10 and started clearing Mimi trash. As you know, our resto shaman extraordinaire Hebestia is on vacation, so it was up to our priestly GM Kristos and myself to heal through to Yoggie. We did not have high hopes for Firefighter at all. We brought in our DPS DK recruit who had never done Mimi before (see a pattern here?). We figured we’d try Firefighter once, write it off as impossible, wipe the floor with Mimi on normal, and then move on to General Vag. To our surprise, we got Firefighter on our second try. Okay. That’s good.
General Vezax was a pushover as usual. Our DK recruit got a nice 232 sword that no one else could use.
On Yogg we were making it to P3 in various stages of disrepair. Tentacles up, DPS already dead, adds one-shotting healers because the tank’s taunt was on CD … there was a lot of clusterfuckage and we just needed that one perfect attempt to get it down.
Fast forward to the tenth attempt of the night. We lose our hunter in P2. That’s okay, my Rebirth is off CD from its previous use and I get her up. P2 is clean and we make it to P3 with everyone alive and well. The tank picks up the first add and we get into it. The atmosphere in Vent is a tense one. Healers call for control of the situation: control the adds and don’t lose any sanity. We have almost six minutes on enrage timer, so the name of the game is survival. Healing is strangely manageable as long as adds drop fast. Our Rebirthed hunter goes insane. Our DPS kill her. Focus is back on Yogg-Saron, who is at 7% health. I go back to watching Immortal Guardians and healing. Out of nowhere, an add comes up and one-shots me. FUCK! But a split-second later the achievements flash up on my screen. EoTS downed Yogg-3 and seven of us finished our Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievements.
Regardless of what GuildOx has to say on the subject, I consider EoTS to be a 10-man raiding guild. If you look at our 25-man achievements, you should also find this to be the case IMO. GotUR was our holy grail, as GotUR(H) is to 25-man guilds. EoTS was server tenth on Yogg-3 (and GotUR), behind nine 25-man raiding guilds.

We are small, but we have the fight.

World of Logs report for last night here.


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