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Long, strange, and only slightly RNG-dependent September 21, 2009

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Brewfest started yesterday. As I logged on early in the morning (around 08:00 EDT), my guildmates Allrik and Kara were already drunk as I looked on in my Brewfest outfit.


I quickly did all of the achievements until all I had left was Down With The Dark Iron, which requires you to defend the Brewfest kegs from the attacking Dark Iron dwarves by chug ‘n’ chuckin’ Brewfest Samplers at them. As anyone else who was online yesterday morning knows, this mechanic was bugged to hell. It was impossible to hit the dwarves with the mugs unless you were standing right on top of them. Dark Iron dwarves did a knock back attack if you were on top of them. The only time you could successfully kill a dwarf was when he was sitting down, which means that he had already damaged the keg at least once. It was at the beginning of yet another attempt to get the achievement and I was about to give up and try again later in the day when I heard my guildmate screaming, “It works!” We had enough people who seemed to know what they were doing defend a single keg until the end of the attack, and …


… I got What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been on the first day of Brewfest. Pookies got his Violet Proto-Drake.


My guildmates (and the server population in general) can not seem to agree on whether the drake is “cool,” “ugly,” or “makes me look like a whore” (true story!). I love the drake and I was too ecstatic to care. To me, this achievement represented a year of hard work and planning. Yes, I had planned for this achievement beginning one year ago during Brewfest. This was back when we had thought that achievements like BOTY were going to be a part of the Brewfest meta, but enough people bitched and moaned about it because they couldn’t deal with it that Blizzard modded the achievement. This was back when we knew that we would need all three pieces of Brewfest clothing, but people wanted their Pony Kegs and Goggles too much to care. I had one person send me a tell in Dalaran telling me that I was “lucky.” Erm, fuck no. While some of the achievements in the Long, Strange Trip meta are based on luck (think Be Mine! and a lot of the Noble Garden achievements which definitely should be reconsidered for their respective world event metas), I know for a fact that a lot of us planned for this year’s Brewfest meta last year and deserved to get our mounts a day or two earlier than everyone else. To my fellow early proto-drakes, I /salute you!


2 Responses to “Long, strange, and only slightly RNG-dependent”

  1. Kayeri Says:

    Grats! I will earn my lovely violet proto-drake at Hallows End, as my pvp-hating side reared up last year and refused to do Gnerd Rage and the Crashing/Cleanup achievements. I got my Brewmaster early yesterday, and that close, I will be sucking it up and doing it next month. 🙂 I saw my first one yesterday, and that rich purple color is just breathtaking.

    And you are right, Luck has NOTHING to do with this… work and dedication, holiday after holiday is what gets it done.

  2. Pookies Says:

    Thanks Kayeri! Good luck with your G.N.E.R.D. Rage … I do not envy you! 😛

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