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Finally, some progress October 16, 2009

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We had not made any progress in weeks. We had been spending most of our time getting Ulduar hard modes down for people who still needed them for their GotUR metas since we were making zero progress on heroic Faction Champions.
Heroic Faction Champions has caused a lot of frustration in our guild. None of us could figure out why we sucked so hard at it (not even taking one of the opposing team down). Tensions were running far too high. It seemed that every new idea we tried just flopped.
Last night we finally got them down, and I wish I could tell you why. But I can’t. We tried to use the pet healing exploit, but even that didn’t seem to work too well. I know for a fact that our CC was shit and that our healing was not assigned. I guess you’re just bound to get it down if you try enough times.
Kill order: resto shaman -> healy priest -> rogue ret paladin -> lock -> balance druid
We definitely identified the shaman’s Healing Stream Totem has being the most dangerous thing in this fight. It was outhealing the shaman and priest’s healing combined. After killing the shaman, it was all about survival. One of our DKs swapped at that point to focus exclusively on shutting down one of the enemy melee (previous to that I believe we were simply cycling some Chains on the melee between our two DKs). We finally got it and we were happier than pigs in mud. Parse.
We struggled for a bit with the Val’kyr. We had melee and healers on the “inside” with one colour, while ranged were “outside” with the opposite colour trying to soak while doing DPS. That did not work. We had low DPS, people were getting hit by the little orbs anyway, and with our losses we could never get the shields down in time and the Twins would heal.
After four or five attempts, we decided to try a burn strategy instead (more in-line with our strategy for normal). Everyone took one colour, and we stood at the opposite-coloured portal and did our thing. On our kill we just got lucky and only had to burn down one shield.
We got them down. I managed to push almost 7500 HPS by using my mind-numbingly boring RJx5-WG rotation. (In 10-man since you only have two groups to worry about you can use every third RJx5 spot in the cycle to put RGs on the tanks or Nourish spam.)
We did get Anub about five tries and have learned how to get through P1 very reliably and set up for getting Anub to P2 in two surface phases. Now we have to perfect P2 and P3 … and hope that we can down Faction Champs again next week.


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