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A Tribute to Skill October 23, 2009

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RAWR! Last night EoTS finally cleared TOGC with a really messy Anub kill! We were having some major issues with the healability of P3, and last night we had a couple of sub-10% wipes. Our tanks died on our kill. Our shadow priest Dispersion-tanked the adds. Our hunter Deterrence-tanked Anub. It was down to two DPS at very low health and I’m pretty sure we all thought it was a wipe when the achievements flashed up on our screen.

We managed to finish with 37 attempts left, which means we gots an extra weapon and a couple of Trophies. We managed to snag the following heroic weapons this run: Blade of the Silver Disciple for me (!!!), Reckoning for our DK tank Balion, Fordragon Blades for our hunter Karazorel, and Lothar’s Edge for our retadin Allrik.
It’s great to have finally downed TOGC, and the fact that we got a bunch of useful loot doesn’t hurt, either! Here’s the parse from last night. There are bits of missing data here and there because I kept on getting disconnected, but the Anub kill is there.


One Response to “A Tribute to Skill”

  1. jive Says:

    Oh noes, it would appear Pookies fell off the face of the earth, too. I hope you’re doing well wherever you are!

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