Pookies Is Not A Bear

What can he Lifebloom for you?

Tick tock on the clock/and the raiding’s mostly stopped June 11, 2010

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That’s right. EoTS decided to call it almost quits at New Year after a couple of years of productive raiding. We still run our 10-man on Wednesday nights as a way for everyone to get together for a night of fun. But it’s extremely casual. As in, we haven’t even killed LK on 10-man normal yet. But we are working on him! We can clear up to him in a single raid night and we’ve given him about one full night so far.
Pookies continues to not be a bear. He maintains his crappy T9 resto set, but he is laz0r chicken pretty much full time … except for to get quick random queues and for Blood Wing, Dreamwalker, and LK attempts.
I’m sure I’ll update when Kingslayer finally happens. But until then, I’m not sure there’s much to update this blog with! Pookies out! (Pewpew on, heroes!)