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And we’re back! December 14, 2010

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This time around, I remembered to pre-order the Collector’s Edition of the expansion for my cool Collector’s Edition pet. I had my box delivered to my office at around noon last Tuesday, after which I had to sit through another five hours of excruciating torture sitting at my desk with the box beside me before I was able to go home, install, and whip out my Lil’ Deathwing. The Deathwing mousepad that also came with the Collector’s Edition conveniently covers up that spot on my cheap IKEA desk where my mouse has worn the paint off of the fibreboard.
Pookies is only level 83. Before Cataclysm was released, I told my guild that I would be behind the leveling and gearing up curve because of real life issues. I leave for a two-week vacation to Hong Kong tomorrow to visit my mother. When I return, I will have three weeks to spend with my boyfriend before he returns to Germany for an indefinite amount of time. (He is a German national who is only in Canada to do his Master’s.) Fortunately, my guild has been very supportive of my decision to not sign up for our weekly raids and to level a little more casually until my boyfriend goes back to Germany. At that point I’ll have nothing better to do than to play WoW with every spare minute of my day and drown my loneliness in enough beer to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. That’s the plan, anyway.
I just thought I’d post a little update here. Eye of The Storm and Pookies are still kickin’. 😀