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Weekend at Pookies’ February 14, 2011

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Well, I didn’t spend the weekend propping up dead people … or since I was doing archaeology … did I?
A couple of things:
First of all, I decided to drop enchanting on Pookies and level inscription instead. This was for a couple of reasons.
Enchanting is notoriously difficult to level, and I was stuck at around 510/525 after using up all of the Greater Cosmic Essence that I got from disenchanting quest gear. More Greater Cosmic Essence did not seem to be forthcoming.
Secondly, my guild does not have a max level scribe, whereas we have multiple max level enchanters. (Masochists.) We could have used a scribe from a utility standpoint (i.e., to make glyphs), and it was also the last profession we were missing for the achievement Working as a Team.
I used El’s Inscription as a guide (this is not an ad; the site is 100% free). My alt Fuhlamer is an herbalist, so I got him to farm all of the herbs I needed. When all was said and done, I probably farmed about 1750 herbs in a single day, but I didn’t spend a copper on herbs. (I did end up buying a single Fiery Pigment because I got unlucky with milling.) I would have needed another 200 to 250 herbs if my GM hadn’t insisted on buying the last twelve Inferno Pigments that I needed in order to get to 525.
As I was leveling, I tried to make druid glyphs when I had the choice. This is because I knew which glyphs (for resto and balance) were actually useful and might sell on the AH. Although I didn’t spend any gold on herbs, I did have training costs and the money I made from selling some glyphs helped to offset that.
So the other thing I did this weekend was archaeology. I mean … a lot of it. When I wasn’t leveling inscription, I was trying to farm up that elusive trinket, Tyrande’s Favorite Doll (which I have a tendency to spell with a “u”).
I probably did archaeology for a total of at least 20 hours over the weekend. I even tried out this hair-brained idea from Wowhead’s Zin’rokh page (maybe a post on that later) that was supposed to increase chances of getting ultra rares. Alas, I am still not in possession of Tyrande’s Favorite Doll. What I am in possession of now, however, is the Scepter of Azj’Aqir:

I guess it’s a nice consolation prize. I also think it’s just that my guildmate was trying to farm this mount and dug up the trinket, and then in trying to farm the trinket, I dug up the mount.
Happy Valentine’s Day, by the way. Love is not in the air for me, although he will be in two days. My boyfriend is currently back in Germany visiting friends and family, aber er wird Mittwoch nach Hause kommen (but he will come home on Wednesday).


RAAAAWWRRR!!!! Er … GAAARRRR!!!!!!! February 7, 2011

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So on Saturday night a bunch of us were online when someone said, “Wait … what is Garr doing in Mount Hyjal?”
Apparently Garr has been brought back a one of five rare elite bosses that spawn in the world (one in each new Cataclysm zone). He has 30 million HP, a bunch of adds (just like in Molten Core), and is generally a pushover. That is, assuming that you aren’t on a PVP realm and the other faction isn’t trying to grief you while you’re fighting him. And, of course, we are on a PVP realm and the other faction was trying to grief us as we were fighting him.
And so it took us multiple attempts with breaks in between for chasing down Horde, but we eventually got this sucker down (with the help of a friendly druid who happened to be passing by).

High off of our Garr kill, we decided to go and kill a Whale Shark. I mean … why not? There’s an achievement for that. Plus, how hard could it actually be? Hm? How hard?
Well, if you haven’t run into this animal before, it hits for 780631 to 1159297 damage, which, in case you didn’t know, is enough to one-shot anyone. It also resets if you don’t hold its attention by staying within a very specific range of him (outside of melee range—for obvious reasons—but within 20 yards). So Whale Shark is a kitefest where you can expect your kiter to mess up and die at any moment. The good news is that when we finally killed Whale Shark, even those who were dead got the achievement.
Lastly, I have been archaeologizing all over Kalimdor like a madman. In the past couple of days I’ve knocked out 6/7 Night Elf rares (that’s right, all of them except for the one that I actually want), and I am now working on my second Tol’vir rare (yes, it’s the ring!!!). I finished Fossil long ago, and all of those fragments are just sitting in my archeology tab waiting for patch day. I haven’t even touched Orc, Draenei, Nerub, or Val’kyr., and I’m saving my Troll and Dwarf fragments for now because I know what I want, and I want it now. I want that doll. ‘Cause I’m Mr. Vain.


IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!! February 3, 2011

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Last night was raid night, and our first order of business was to head over to Baradin Hold (with 20 minutes left before the battle) and do an Argaloth take down. With Argaloth’s death, I got the 1000 Valor Point achievement, and …

Yeah!!! World one millionth and guild third!!! For serials though, I mostly gave up on achievement point collecting in the middle of WotLK when I decided to stop playing as much. Thanks to the slew of new achievements that came with Cataclysm, I was able to finally reach nine thousand achievement points rather easily.
After Argaloth and knocking out Halfus (we knew we’d get whelps since it was discovered that which adds are up is not random), we decided to head over to Throne of the Four Winds to try our hand at the Conclave of Winds, a Four Horseman-type encounter where three Djinns must be killed within 60 seconds of one another.
As the “instant casts healer,” I was stuck on the Rohash platform. Rohash is the most trivial of the three platforms. He deals low damage to random raid members on his platform, and when everyone else is doing their ultimate he does a version of Malygos’ toilet bowl thinger … but it only ticks for 2 500 damage per tick and then plops you down for about half of your health bar in fall damage. It’s not very challenging since your DPS generally runs off to split the AOE ultimate damage on a neighbouring platform before the toilet bowl happens, and a stack of Lifeblooms while in the air and a Swiftmended Rejuv plus Lifebloom bloom after hitting the ground is enough to get a druid back up to full health relatively quickly.
The actual part of Rohash that does get a little bit frustrating is his ability Wind Blast. While casting Wind Blast, Rohash will turn to face a random direction as he revs up (think Winding Up from Mimiron), and then he blasts the area in front of him while rotating clockwise for 6 seconds. Again, think Mimiron, except Wind Blast knocks you off of Rohash’s platform instead of killing you outright. The problem with this is that each of the Djinns in this encounter require that at least one person be on their platforms at all times, or the lonely Djinn will channel a raid wiping ability. So everyone getting Wind Blasted off of Rohash’s platform results in raid wipe.
I know what you’re thinking. “Well, Pookies, just fucking avoid the Wind Blast then … it’s raiding 101, l2play, etc.” Well, to make Wind Blast more interesting, Rohash is constantly surrounded by 3 tornadoes. These tornadoes randomly path around Rohash’s platform and knock anyone they hit backwards off of the platform (basically preventing melee from being effective DPS again Rohash). These tornadoes and gray and seem to prefer to path right in front of Rohash just as he’s about to do Wind Blast, so if you get unlucky it’s virtually impossible to see which way he’s facing. Really, fun times.
We did eventually learn how to deal with Wind Blast more effectively as the night went on (pro tip: use Travel Form and angle your camera so you can dodge tornadoes while running around Rohash), and the other platforms worked out some of their issues (those issues mostly revolving around the fact that their platforms were far more demanding than the Rohash one), and we did get Conclave of Wind down after about two hours.

Omnotron rounded off the night, and we said our bye byes for another week.


Long, strange, and only slightly RNG-dependent September 21, 2009

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Brewfest started yesterday. As I logged on early in the morning (around 08:00 EDT), my guildmates Allrik and Kara were already drunk as I looked on in my Brewfest outfit.


I quickly did all of the achievements until all I had left was Down With The Dark Iron, which requires you to defend the Brewfest kegs from the attacking Dark Iron dwarves by chug ‘n’ chuckin’ Brewfest Samplers at them. As anyone else who was online yesterday morning knows, this mechanic was bugged to hell. It was impossible to hit the dwarves with the mugs unless you were standing right on top of them. Dark Iron dwarves did a knock back attack if you were on top of them. The only time you could successfully kill a dwarf was when he was sitting down, which means that he had already damaged the keg at least once. It was at the beginning of yet another attempt to get the achievement and I was about to give up and try again later in the day when I heard my guildmate screaming, “It works!” We had enough people who seemed to know what they were doing defend a single keg until the end of the attack, and …


… I got What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been on the first day of Brewfest. Pookies got his Violet Proto-Drake.


My guildmates (and the server population in general) can not seem to agree on whether the drake is “cool,” “ugly,” or “makes me look like a whore” (true story!). I love the drake and I was too ecstatic to care. To me, this achievement represented a year of hard work and planning. Yes, I had planned for this achievement beginning one year ago during Brewfest. This was back when we had thought that achievements like BOTY were going to be a part of the Brewfest meta, but enough people bitched and moaned about it because they couldn’t deal with it that Blizzard modded the achievement. This was back when we knew that we would need all three pieces of Brewfest clothing, but people wanted their Pony Kegs and Goggles too much to care. I had one person send me a tell in Dalaran telling me that I was “lucky.” Erm, fuck no. While some of the achievements in the Long, Strange Trip meta are based on luck (think Be Mine! and a lot of the Noble Garden achievements which definitely should be reconsidered for their respective world event metas), I know for a fact that a lot of us planned for this year’s Brewfest meta last year and deserved to get our mounts a day or two earlier than everyone else. To my fellow early proto-drakes, I /salute you!


I Love the Smell: A Closer Look September 17, 2009

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When Hebestia told us he was going on vacation for a week or two, I thought, “Okay, cool, I’ll just heal while you’re gone.” Then I remembered what they did to poor druids (poor, overpowered druids) in the General Vezax fight in 3.2, and I thought, “… FUCK, I don’t know if I can to do this …”
While Hebs was away, I was partnered up with long-time healing pal and guild master Kristos, our holy priest. I turns out that I didn’t have anything to worry about.
Hard mode Vezax is a fight where a druid-priest combo can really shine. We strayed from our usual “healing in shifts” strategy and decided to jump in together. Communication was key. We planned to each keep a HoT up on the MT for the entire length of the fight (Renew for Kristos and Rejuv for myself), and then coordinate to fill in as necessary (during Surge of Darkness, for instance). Rejuv gives insane HPM with Idol of Awakening (which I equip for this fight) and Spark of Hope (which I always have equipped), a high HPS, and can be Swiftmended in a pinch. Because Kristos has the talent Empowered Renew and I run with the 4-T8 bonus for resto druids, we timed our casts to take advantage of the instant Renew and Rejuv ticks as much as possible.

Here you can see our HoT uptime for the fight. Due to some unlucky hits, Kristos healed up more damage than we usually encounter pre-Animus and ended up going OOM during the Animus phase and renewing Renews dropped off towards the end. Other than that, we have high Rejuv and Renew uptimes. As you can see, we precast OOC at the beginning of the fight to give us a bit of a cushion while we run (we regen before pulling). I then abandoned Regrowth until the end of the fight. The start of Regrowth uptime at the end of the fight coincides with the spawning of the Animus when the tank starts to take heavier damage consistently.
We tried to wait for Borzak’s health to dip to around 50% before we would hit him with nukes (exception: during Surge of Darkness). My go-to “nuke” was Swiftmend. If on cooldown, I used Nourish. I used Wild Growth a couple of times after the Animus spawned when it seemed like the Animus phase was dragging on a bit and we needed a booster, but other than that it was four spells for me. Check out the spell breakdown below, with amounts healed and overhealing percentages.

The overhealing percentages for Nourish and both of Kristos’ nukes are low (0 – 1.5%), which is a good showing. The overhealing on my Swiftmend is too high (almost 20%), which I attribute to getting a little nervous during some of the more sketchy healing moments of the fight. Our healing is graphed below. Spikes are approximately one minute apart and coincide with, you guessed it, Surges.

Even with Vezax’s sketchy healing crunches, I am really looking forward to seeing this guy again next week. It’s probably the one fight in Ulduar-10 that I would call, “A fun exercise in healing.” I wonder if Hebestia will go elemental and let me heal Vezax even after he gets back from vacation!
(A link to the actual World of Logs report for this Vezax kill here.)


We made it count September 16, 2009

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To my one or two faithful readers (hi mom!), please “bear” with me as I continue to wrestle with this new layout. For some reason the style sheet that governs this entire page didn’t want to put actual font point-height line breaks in between paragraphs and each post ended up looking like a wall o’ text. WordPress ignores consecutive line breaks in your post codes, so that didn’t work. I spent a good half hour searching for options before finally narrowing down on a solution in a blog comment somewhere: stick a space between two line breaks. I really should have thought of that myself.
Anyway, that’s fixed. So I would like to direct your attention to …


Yay! Finally. Yesterday we went in with our super trash clearing group (DK tank, holy priest, shadow priest, fire mage, balance druid) and owned that place up. Death and Decay, two Mind Sears, Blizzard, and Hurricane helped us rip through every trash pack like a hot knife going through butter. I got the last two achievements I needed for GotH and finally got my Red Proto-Drake.
We did end up letting our Ulduar raid ID reset so we could clean up the first part of the instance for those who had missed it. We cleared ToC-10 and then razed a chunk of Ulduar:

Kologarn was Disarmed, Auriaya was the Crazy Cat Lady, and we did it all without Heroism (boooo!). Shaman-less guilds, I salute you. You are all freaks. I want Hebestia back.
This was only the second guild downing of Freya+3, and our first go at it with two healers. With the group we had we would not have made it damage-wise with three healers, and no one else in the raid was capable of healing at Uld-10 hard mode level anyway (at least, no one who wasn’t our MT). The encounter was stressful. The absence of our third healer for this was very noticeable. I used my Innervate at around 65% mana and then at every CD afterwards, popping my potion somewhat early. By the 5th or 6th add wave I was almost completely OOM (and Kristos was close). Luckily, we managed to scrape by. I can see now how the encounter is possible with two healers (mana-wise), but the raid definitely has to be better about spreading unnecessary damage. Some people in the group are still having trouble with killing Detonating Lashers when people are low on health and during and immediately after Tremors. I don’t know how many times Kristos and I had to comment on this in Vent. Unfortunately, it is very hard for us to notice who the guilty parties are because we are too busy paying attention to other things.
Our goal for this week is to reach Yogg-3 again, of course. On Monday we managed to make it to P3 a couple of times, so I am hopeful that Yogg-3 will go down this week with the right group and a bunch of us will get our Rusties.


I can’t make it count September 14, 2009

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I have failed to get this achievement the past two times I have tried. Make It Count and Experienced Drake Rider are the two achievements I am missing for the Glory of the Hero meta achievement after cleaning up five achievements yesterday. Make It Count always goes smoothly until Ley-Guardian Eregos. Then we wipe. Admittedly, one of those wipes was my fault as I hadn’t been in the instance for many, many months and stopped kiting a Phase Anomaly too soon. The second time we wiped because we were trying to stack the Amber Void achievement on top of Make It Count for one of our group members, and it bombed. Pro tip: don’t stack the Void achievements with Make It Count unless your group rocks the socks off of 5 Ambers.
Anyway, hopefully a group of guildies will be able to go into Oculus some time today or tomorrow in order to clean this up.
In raiding news, we did manage to down heroic Northrend Beasts last week with two healers. Then we got monsterly owned by Jaraxxus. That guy does not play nice. We have got the portal-killing down to an art, but the infernal wrangling definitely needs more cowbell.
We’re still waiting for a perfect group for Yogg-3, and in the mean time we may let our raid ID reset so we can farm some of the other bosses again. Yogg-3 is the last achievement that a lot of us need to get our Rusties so we are anxious to try it again … but not anxious enough to run in with a group that will guarantee that we /headdesk fruitlessly all night.
Pookies became a Bloodsail Admiral two weekends ago and has since been (half-heartedly) repairing his goblin rep. The fastest way to do this while maintaining Bloodsail rep is to grind non-Bloodsail pirates. I have been working the ones in Tanaris since it’s super-easy to get to Tanaris thanks to that CoT portal in Dalaran. The more efficient way to grind the rep back for those who are going for the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength is to do the repeatable quest in Dire Maul, since you have a chance to collect Librams at the same time. The trek from Moonglade to Dire Maul just isn’t worth it though, IMO!