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RAAAAWWRRR!!!! Er … GAAARRRR!!!!!!! February 7, 2011

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So on Saturday night a bunch of us were online when someone said, “Wait … what is Garr doing in Mount Hyjal?”
Apparently Garr has been brought back a one of five rare elite bosses that spawn in the world (one in each new Cataclysm zone). He has 30 million HP, a bunch of adds (just like in Molten Core), and is generally a pushover. That is, assuming that you aren’t on a PVP realm and the other faction isn’t trying to grief you while you’re fighting him. And, of course, we are on a PVP realm and the other faction was trying to grief us as we were fighting him.
And so it took us multiple attempts with breaks in between for chasing down Horde, but we eventually got this sucker down (with the help of a friendly druid who happened to be passing by).

High off of our Garr kill, we decided to go and kill a Whale Shark. I mean … why not? There’s an achievement for that. Plus, how hard could it actually be? Hm? How hard?
Well, if you haven’t run into this animal before, it hits for 780631 to 1159297 damage, which, in case you didn’t know, is enough to one-shot anyone. It also resets if you don’t hold its attention by staying within a very specific range of him (outside of melee range—for obvious reasons—but within 20 yards). So Whale Shark is a kitefest where you can expect your kiter to mess up and die at any moment. The good news is that when we finally killed Whale Shark, even those who were dead got the achievement.
Lastly, I have been archaeologizing all over Kalimdor like a madman. In the past couple of days I’ve knocked out 6/7 Night Elf rares (that’s right, all of them except for the one that I actually want), and I am now working on my second Tol’vir rare (yes, it’s the ring!!!). I finished Fossil long ago, and all of those fragments are just sitting in my archeology tab waiting for patch day. I haven’t even touched Orc, Draenei, Nerub, or Val’kyr., and I’m saving my Troll and Dwarf fragments for now because I know what I want, and I want it now. I want that doll. ‘Cause I’m Mr. Vain.


It’s been such a long time, I think I should be posting (yeah) January 12, 2009

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And raids don’t wait for me, they keep on rollin’.

So wow. How boring has this blog gotten? I have absolutely nothing for you.

Well, that’s not exactly true. Since my post on gemmin’ in WotLK, my guild JCer has enlightened me as to the existence of the Ember Skyflare Diamond, which has 25 spellpower and +2% intellect. I think we druids would find 2% intellect much more beneficial than 2% threat reduction or increased run speed (put it on your boots if you really want it…I’ve got an unholy DK in my raid).

Also, if you haven’t read this post over at Resto4Life concerning the changes to Nourish in the new patch, you should 1) update your blogroll, and 2) read the post. How useful will this change be? Well, I can already think of one scenario where I’ll be using WG -> Nourish: melee Frost Blast on KT. I can see the 0.5s difference in cast time between Regrowth and Nourish to have some weight here.

In loot news, this past week Pookies got his Ice Spire Scepter from Malygos. I mean, that’s pretty awesome. I believe it’s currently best-in-slot.

So what else is new? Well, since we’ve been finishing our raids in less than two nights, I’ve been leveling up a blood elf priest on Staghelm, my old realm. The first fifteen levels were painfully, painfully slow. My spells (LOLsmite) were doing SFA in terms of damage, and I had to drink every two pulls (even with Spirit Tap). Then I remembered something I read in a priest leveling guide more than two years ago: use a fucking wand. Oh. Yeah. I picked up the highest level of enchanting wand I could equip, and found out that it did better DPS than any spell that I had in my spellbook. Plus, I just got a new rank of Mind Blast (level 16, woot). I’m expecting things to go a little bit faster from here on out.


Achievements of the past week December 28, 2008

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Well, it was about 01:30 Christmas morning that one of my guild members managed to coerce me into joining one of those oftentimes epic fail raids for the For the Alliance! achievement. It was almost 02:00, and I was thinking about a thousand things that I would rather be doing, such as sleep. The selling point for me?

Guildmate: Pookies! There’s a guy in here with an Australian accent!

The group had just finished wiping to Thrall (their first attempt on a leader), at which point about a quarter of the raid had left.

Now, let me be frank. I have no idea how any 40-man raid can wipe to a city leader at level 80. Back in the day, people had to jump through firey hoops into order to take out the likes of Bloodhoof (one strategy involved tagging and then passing members between the two or three full raids of players it took to kill him). Nowadays we have the numbers to plow through the bosses using brute force.

After I joined the raid, we regrouped, went back in, and Thrall was toast. And then so was Bloodhoof (after much debate as to whether Cairne is a male or a female). We headed to Undercity, and even Sylvanas didn’t prove to be much of a problem with her constant teleporting. Of course, Silvermoon City was a ghost town and we didn’t meet any resistance there, and especially not from that pansy Theron.

Just shy of 04:00, I was back in Dalaran and riding my shiny new Black War Bear.

But here is the kicker: learning Black War Bear actually put me at 50 mounts, so I finished Leading the Cavalry at the same time!

Worth staying up until 04:00? Hell yeah. The Australian accent was just icing on the cake. And it was hot.

(The rest of this post is not WoW-related.)

In other achievements, my brother and sister and I finally unlocked Rock Band 2’s Endless Setlist 2 yesterday. The Endless Setlists are setlists which include every song in their respective versions of Rock Band. Completing the setlists on any given difficulty gives you cool instrument icons depending on what instrument and difficulty (as a group) you played the setlist on: medium awards silver, hard awards gold, and expert awards platinum. These icons make your e-peen grow by three sizes: they are visible to people you play with online.

We knew we didn’t have a chance playing guitar, bass, and drums on expert for every song (especially drums…), so we decided to go for hard difficulty.

It was all smooth sailing until the last ten songs or so when we hit some speed bumps. During Vision by Abnormality, song 82 out of 84, we failed. We weren’t prepared for it at all (we had never played it before). And, even on hard, it’s a bitch. The first time we failed it, we were distraught. We had already been playing for seven hours (with a couple of breaks). Then we realized we could retry the song without starting at the beginning of the setlist. We did. And we failed again. Eventually we managed to beat the song by switching roles and getting my sister’s fiancé to take over the foot pedal on the drums. This trivialized the drum part, and I was already getting the hand of the guitar/base parts so whoever was playing the strings part I didn’t take (I ended up taking bass so I could complete more energy phrases) just had to die less than three times.

After beating Visions, it took us a couple of tries to beat the next song (also a new one). Song 84 was Judas Priest’s Painkiller, which we knew we could beat.

And that was it. After eight hours of playing Rock Band 2 (my third day straight of playing, by the way), we had our gold icons. Our first order of business after that? Well, we went online and showed off our new bling, of course. Solo singers are generally in short supply, but we found one who, to our delight, commented on our gold icons.


Endings and Brewktoberfest Beginnings September 24, 2008

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I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging at all lately. The officers have made the decision to stop raiding until the expansion, and things have just been slow. I have been sleeping more. I found time to grind out the honour for my 40k PVP trinket. We’ve been dropping in on Onyxia, AQ20, and ZG when we’ve had the people online (we tried AQ40 last night, and that first boss would have been completely doable with ten people if it hadn’t been for all of those mind controls!).

I guess I can’t complain, I was getting pretty burned out. There are some who have left to raid with other guilds until the expansion hits, but I think I’ll just hang out here, shooting shit, PVPing, and raiding old stuff.

One of the things I have been thinking about lately is getting ready for the expansion. In terms of consumables and gold, I think I’m okay. All of the stuff we can farm now is going to be pretty obsolete in the expansion (except for Void Crystals, apparently!), and Pookies has always been very low maintenance on the gold side of things.

My focus has turned to seeing what achievements I can knock out before the expansion hits. There are the “just hanker down and do ‘em” achievements, such as exploring the entire map. I’ve been looking at which factions I can grind to exalted to without too much outside help. And, with Brewfest upon us, there is the Brewmaster achievement.

Now, there are some achievements that can not be completed until next year’s Brewfest, after achievements have been added to the game. However, there are also a couple of achievements that you can get ready for NOW so that you knock the achievements out immediately when they are released or free up some tokens during next year’s Brewfest.

There is an overall achievement (as there is for every world event) called Brewmaster. This achievement includes eight sub-achievements that involve Brewfest.

  • Strange Brew requires you to sample different brews available for purchase during the festival. Due to the duration on these items, you will have to wait until next year to complete this one.
  • The Brewfest Diet is similar to Strange Brew, but involves food instead of booze. Brewfest food items carry the same duration as the brews do, unfortunately.
  • Brew of the Year involves joining the Brew of the Month Club. The membership is available from the Brewfest vendor for 200 tokens. You won’t actually be able to complete this achievement until you sample the last brew in August of 2009, however, purchasing the club membership this year will allow you to complete the achievement before next year’s brewfest. Please keep this in mind: once a new brew is introduced, it becomes available for purchase (presumably only to BotM Club members) from a BotM Club vendor in IF. This means that even though you will most likely not receive retroactive credit for trying brews before patch 3.0 is released, at that time you may go to the BotM Club vendor and purchase any brews that have been released in the past! (At least … I think that’s how it should work, the people commenting on this achievement on Wowhead seem to be thoroughly confused.)
  • Drunken Stupor and Down With The Dark Iron should not be able to be completed until next year, as both require you to complete the achievement during Brewfest (and there is no way, in my mind, for WoW to track whether or not you’ve completed the One Time When I Was Drunk … quest prior to the release of achievements).
  • Direbrewfest and Does Your Wolpertinger Linger? should be easily completed retroactively so long as you keep a drop from Coren Direbrew and your item for summoning your Wolpertinger in your inventory or bank until achievements can be completed.
  • Disturbing the Peace is an achievement not like the rest. Although there is no way you will be able to complete the achievement until next year (as it involves dancing in Dalaran), you can start preparing for it this year by buying three pieces of Brewfest clothing. Then, next year all you have to do is get drunk and dance on the streets of Dalaran to wrap this one up.

So between the BotM Club membership and the three pieces of Brewfest clothing, you’re looking to spend 550 tokens this year if you want to do everything you can in order to prepare for the Brewmaster achievement.

If you haven’t done a single Brewfest quest yet, don’t despair: if you start today, you can still get 550 tokens before the end of the festival! You’d have to pull off a couple of perfect keg runs, but you could obtain a total of 565 tokens (by my quick and possibly inaccurate count) between today and the end of the festival if you don’t miss a single quest. (Head on over to Wowhead for a detailed post on Brewfest 2008.)


Knock, knock! September 8, 2008

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So Jive from Bringing The Wood has been playing a shaman over on Bonechewer lately, and she finally got to “meet” Pookies over the weekend!

I was flagged for PVP even though I was in Westfall because this paladin kept trying to kill the NPCs around town so the lowbies wouldn’t be able to get their quests done! Well … I wasn’t having any of that. Yup … I helped take that bizzo out!!!

The picture of us that you can find at Jive’s blog here is far more flattering, in my opinion–I just suck at taking pictures.

Make sure that you say hi if you find yourself on Bonechewer!


Wordle September 5, 2008

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Ooooh, this is fun. Saw this over at Too Many Annas. This application takes the front page of a blog and then makes a picture using words from that page. Here’s the result for Pookies Is Not A Bear:

Check it out!: Wordle.


TIME FOR FUN! July 23, 2008

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When you spend 16 hours a week trudging through the same dungeons with the same people, things can sometimes get a little bit stale. A solution? Raiding games!

The Movie Name Game

We were clearing Hyjal trash in the Alliance Camp a couple of weeks ago when someone suggested we play a game. The point of the game was to take the name of a movie, and replace one of the words in it with the word “va**na”. A couple of minutes into the game, I was laughing so hard I was falling out of my chair. Some highlights:

Other people thought of …

  • “When Harry Met Va**na”,
  • “A Clockwork Va**na”, and
  • of course, someone inevitably came up with just “Va**na”.

I thought of …

  • “The Sound of Va**na”,
  • “Priscilla, Queen of the Va**na”, and
  • it was a toss up between “Brokeback Va**na” and “Va**na Mountain”.

The Linking Game

Apparently this idea was stolen from the horde side of my realm. Before that, it probably just originated from people messing around when skill and talent linking was first made possible. One of my guildies started it in alliance trade chat the other night, and apparently it went on for hours in trade chat long after we had left to go raid.

The name of this game is to take a word, and then link the name of a spell, skill, talent, or item after it. In our case, we were using the word “an*l”. Of course, you got some common ones popping up multiple times (An*l [Fishing], An*l [First Aid]). There were some really good ones across the classes (An*l [Impale], An*l [Deterrence]). There are also some pretty funny druid-specific ones:

  • An*l [Gift of the Wild]—you’ll want to regift this
  • An*l [Thorns]—get that shit checked out!
  • An*l + pretty much any attack-type skill from the feral tree

Alphabet Games

Remember that time you were going to go on a picnic? Or on vacation to the tropics? Or into outer space? Well, for these types of excursions, certain supplies are required. You could conceivably begin listing such supplies, starting with one beginning with the letter “A” and moving through the alphabet.

Well, yesterday as I was bored out of my freaking mind, I started a similar game, except this time we were going to sex camp. What exactly is sex camp? I have no idea. But it sounds fun, so, if you know of one, please sign me up.

An excerpt:

  • I went to sex camp, and I brought an*l beads.
  • I went to sex camp, and I brought bondage gear.
  • I went to sex camp, and I brought c*ck rings.
  • Etc.


Of course, all of these games could be played without the outrageous references to sex or things related to sex. I personally enjoy the pervy versions, because I’m twisted like that.

The bottom line is that you do what you have to in order to combat raid ennui. There are ways to keep things interesting while still getting the same old shit done each week!

And, on that note, could you please start dropping some Vanquisher tokens, Archie? You haven’t dropped any in the past two weeks, so I’d really appreciate it. After I grab mine, I’m done with all the loot I need from Hyjal.