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Pookies is not a tree May 15, 2009

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If there are still any of you out there, I am still alive.

Since my guild isn’t really doing 25-mans anymore and we’re hardly attempting hard modes on normal, I felt like I haven’t had a lot to talk about (Lootviathan 1 tower lulz.)

I am a chicken most of the time nowadays. This is for two reasons: 1) We have the 2-3 healers we need to run a 10-man group, and 2) boomkins are caster raid buff extraordinaires and we are often missing those raid buffs otherwise.

We finally took Yoggs down last night in 10-man, which was an accomplishment (IMO) considering that we had only worked on him for about four hours total. They say that P2 is the hardest phase, but for us it turned out that trying to manoeuvre around those damned clouds in P1 was far more difficult. Melee rocked P2 (we were split rogue/druid/paladin and hunter/priest/druid for DPS), and P3 was a simple burn after we switched our rogue to Guardians (to interrupt Drain Life) and put our shadow priest on Yoggs.

We got the Drive Me Crazy achievement, but to be honest I can’t see how this fight is even possible any other way on normal mode. If you lose one person you are pretty much boned.

Anyway, first full clear of Ulduar FTW. Now it’s time to try some hard modes … any recommendations?