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Ho hum … July 23, 2009

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All boring on the raiding front. We have been running into summeritis, of course. We’ve had a couple of canceled raids and a couple of nights spent doing PVP or T7 raid achievements that we missed.
We’re trying to clean up some of the easier GotUR meta achievements, so we’ve gotten Stokin’ the Furnace (parse here!) and Crazy Cat Lady (I wasn’t running WOL, oops) in the past two weeks.
For Crazy Cat Lady our two healers said they had a very challenging time, but we they did manage to help us one-shot it. We’ve read about a lot of convoluted strategies that involve tanking the Sanctum Sentries off to the sides while the raid stands in the middle, or tanking the Sanctum Sentries out of LOS, etc. What we did was simply pull Auriaya as normal while stacking behind the post and then burn her down while ignoring all of the cats. The only AOE that was allowed was tank AOE for threat gen. I actually don’t think I saw any Savage Pounces go off, although I may have missed it if it did happen.
Due to attendance we have having a lot of trouble replicating our FL+4 kill in 10-man. Hard modes for XT, Hodir, Thorim, and AOI are all on farm. Due to attendance (again) we haven’t been able to work on Vezax in a while, so I’m worried about any progress lost there. We’ll see what happens with this raid week as it draws to a close next Monday.


Orbit-uary! July 8, 2009

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EoTS downed FL+4 in 10-man yesterday after trying two different FL+3 configurations for the previous two weeks (one with Freya as the third tower and one with Hodir as the third tower).

A lot of 10-man FL+4 discussions stress that you will depend on a bit of RNG love in order to get this down. I think this is true. Demos getting chased can just be bad news bears and Pyrite stacks may fall off depending on what else is going on around the Demo at the time. If a Demo gets chased, drops his stacks, and then the next Shutdown doesn’t get delayed—well, you get the idea. There is no way in hell that your Chopper will live to see an extra Shutdown, not to mention that the other vehicles are also breaking down by this point in the game.

The entire team has to reduce the number of mistakes made so that when everything lines up you take that bitch down without any of that other stuff that can go wrong actually going wrong.

We used the typical 2 Siege Engine/2 Demo/1 Chopper strategy with one rotating Demo. We camped the middle of the room.

Our major problems throughout the early attempts were our Demos going down before the second Shutdown because of add damage. We tightened up our positioning so that everyone had quicker access to lit Tar. Being more central also meant that Seige Engines and their gunners were more able to assist with damaging the adds.

On one fateful attempt (I think it was #13 or #14 …), everyone did their jobs and it just clicked.

Orbit-uary … bitch!

Yup, I still died. That chopper is just so fragile, and the iLvl on my gear isn’t great. I could have taken less damage from FL as well—apparently I got hit by Flame Vents 29 times! I was just trying to stay close to the middle to lay down Tar in our add pwning area, but I guess I have to try harder to stay out of Flame Vents range next time. And there will be a next time.

Parse here.

(BTW, if anyone has any idea how to graph vehicle damage in WOL, I would appreciate that information greatly. I can’t seem to figure it out or search it on the interwebz.)