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We has rings March 27, 2008

Filed under: 2.4,Raiding — Pookies @ 12:56

Last night was K3’s second night of getting the third timed chest in ZA.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. 2.4 sucks. I have yet to find a working HoT timer, so I have been relying on the little Lifebloom icons underneath the tanks’ unit frames and my internal sense of Lifebloom timing to keep those HoTs up. I don’t know how people play without addons.

Anyway, last night was kinda rocky. We had to run Nalorakk out twice. The first time someone decided to loot a troll that was right under him, starting the encounter early. The second time, our bear form tank got gibbed seconds into the first bear phase. Somehow, we still managed to make the second chest. Then, somehow, we still managed to make the third chest. And, somehow, Life-Step Belt has yet to drop.

These past two weeks, Jan’alai has just seemed to pose less of a problem for us. I think it has a lot to do with our new hatching strategy. What K3 does is send our AoE team after the main hatcher, while our single-target (melee) DPS goes after the second hatcher. AoE team usually lets the hatcher hatch four times (fifteen eggs), while the single-target DPS hatches two or three times (three to seven eggs).

You see, if the DPS responsible for taking down the second hatcher simply kills the hatcher and returns to the boss, you will inevitably run into the “approaching 35% health when there are too many eggs left” dilemma, unless you are hatching an insane amount of eggs on the other side. In that case, all DPS on the boss has to stop while most of the remaning eggs are hatched, resulting in wasted DPS. The fight takes longer and your healers have to heal more during the soft enrage.

It’s a better idea to give all DPS something to occupy their time during hatchings and have Jan’alai’s health go down at a slower, safer rate (with respect to the 35% mark and all of the remaining eggs being hatched).

With the egg situation under control, the rest of the fight is cake.

I’m actually kind of disappointed that players are no longer teleported when they are already in the main section of Jan’alai’s platform. I felt that the teleport was one of the more interesting (fun) parts of the fight, and I also feel that if the teleport mechanic was making or breaking the fight for you, then you have no business getting Jan’alai’s loot anyway.

It’s kind of like Magtheridon. I’m embarassed that CBYIH didn’t take him down before his nerf, because the mechanics of the fight were just not all that difficult. We had downed Hydross with the once-a-minute aggro wipe, we had downed Lurker with the Spouts and Submerges, I’m sure that we could have negogiated ten cube clickers. I think it’s just downright pathetic that we didn’t spend more time on Magtheridon just because he is a “high coordination fight”. We totally could have gotten him down before Blizzard set him to easy mode.


9 Responses to “We has rings”

  1. lifebloomer Says:

    Are you loading out of date add-ons. I haven’t seen any problems with the timed add-ons I use and I haven’t updated any yet. If your still having problems try Lifebloomer it is working, you have to allow out of date add-ons though.

    Learn more about Lifebloomer here: http://lifebloomer.wordpress.com/lifebloomer-the-add-on/

  2. Pookies Says:

    I actually tried to install a 2.4-compatible version of the addon I use to track Lifeblooms (NECB), but it didn’t load! 😦 Thanks for the suggestion though, I’ll definitely check Lifebloomer out!

  3. Abies Says:

    Try using Chronometer. It has worked great for me. Does only what I need, HoT and DoT timers.


  4. Pookies Says:

    Abies, if you just found me a working Ace HoTmeter, I will love you long time! (I’ll have to check it out when I get home.)

  5. stranger here Says:

    Try Dot Timer (www.curse.com). Amazing addon, much better than Chronometer. Shows separate raiders with number of LB stacked upon them. And HOTs too of course.

  6. Pookies Says:

    Ah, I remember reading about DoT Timer, but I thought that it wasn’t being updated anymore. I’ll definitely look into it, because one of the things that bugs me about Chronometer is that it doesn’t tell me how many stacks of Lifebloom I have on a player. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Pattymelt Says:

    I just started using the Lifebloomer add-on, as mentioned by the first comment. Since I only care about watching the HoT’s I have on the tanks, and could care less about all the other lifeblooms I scatter about like there’s no tomorrow, it works perfectly for me.

    I can define which targets get timers and how many targets to watch. And those timers stay in one place. Makes it easy to keep my lifebloom stacks up and rock the healing meters.

  8. zhao Says:

    i know i’m late to the party here, but if you use grid, the module GridStatusLifebloom is awesome. it shows the remaining time on lifeblooms to the tenth of a second, and that time is colored based on how many blooms are on the target. so, i can glance over the raid and see who has my bloom on them, how many i have stacked on each person, and how much time is left on each.

  9. Pookies Says:

    Hey zhao, thanks for the comment. I actually realized thanks to the help of a friend on The Druid’s Grove that I was using the mod all wrong! I put it in a corner instead of giving it a text field, so I wasn’t getting the full bang for my buck at all. I’ll have to try the module again one of these days and actually set it up correctly!

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