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Cranking up the hard June 17, 2009

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Well, it’s been a while (again). Those of you loyal readers who are reading this: I love you to bits. I have been checking up on you guys as well when work slows down.

EoTS has been sticking to 10-mans. I think that 10-man is where it’s at for us. Although there are many of us who do wish to do 25-man raids again, progression-wise it would set us back severely. At the moment we are working on hard modes. Our hard mode progression has looked something like this:

FL+1 -> FL+2 -> XT -> Freya+1 -> Thorim -> AOI Molgeim -> FL+3 (post nerf)

For the Ulduar meta we’ve also done Disarmed and we were 10 seconds shy of the 4 minute Ignis kill last night. 4 minutes Ignis was very much within reach last night as we actually had a DPS death and I spent a good ten seconds looking for the corpse to battle res, but the raid was ending so we just killed him for this week to focus our efforts on other Keeper-related endeavors.

The challenge is convincing people that it is worth it to focus on hard modes instead of blazing through to Yogg-Saron every week. Now that our resto shaman has the Algalon discs, it will be important to get Thorim down again for him as well as work more diligently on Hodir, Freya+2, and Freya+3 before finally trying to tackle Mimiron.

Killing Yogg-Saron+4 every week is simply not progression and should not be our goal. If we forgo Yogg-Saron in order to make a leap in progress in another part of the instance, I say that it is worth it. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees.


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